Carina’s Jungle Baby Shower

One of my best friends is expecting!  She is due in March and her baby shower was a few weeks ago.  Her family threw the party but I was able to help out by planning some cute little favors.  The theme was the jungle.  Her mom, sister, and sister-in-laws did a great job of decorating.  Here are a few highlights.

Carina’s mom spent a few weeks of January in Africa on a missions’ trip so this theme was very fitting for her.  She made this adorable diaper cake with a resident monkey in the tree.

There was lots of jungle inspired foods such as Jungle Juice and Monkey Trail Mix.  I love the happy lion and elephant watching over the drinks and cake.

This giraffe was a big hit with the little girls at the shower.  He was pretty abused loved as a punching bag, animal to ride, and an animal to carry around while a bunch of little girls chase you.  We did manage to steal him for about 30 seconds to get a picture.

At the end of a great afternoon everyone was sent home with a boxful of little jungle animals in the form of animal crackers.  These boxes remind me of my childhood.  I fancied them up a little with a bow made of leftover ribbon from my wedding and added a note to the top that said “We’re not even lion.  Thanks for celebrating the upcoming arrival of baby Zachary with us!”

Now we just have to anxiously wait a few more weeks until Zachary makes his big arrival!

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  1. Trudi Miller says:

    So cute!!!!

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